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My tattoo appointment is booked. Now what do I do?

Here is all the information you need to know

The Design. On the day of your appointment you will check it out with your tattoo artist, according to the references you sent. Minor adjustments can be made before starting the tattoo session. However, please let us know beforehand if there is anything specific you want to have on your tattoo.

If you have a very specific idea in mind please contact us as soon as possible and let us know. Otherwise there might not be enough time to make the necessary adjustments on the day of your appointment.

In case you show a new image or idea to the artist on the day of your appointment they may not be able to finish your tattoo piece or have to reschedule and charge you extra for the time lost.

The Deposit. The deposit you gave is non refundable and non transferable. The tattoo artist can wait for you for 30 minutes after the agreed time. If don't show up to your appointment the appointment is automatically cancelled and you lose your deposit.

Preparation. A day before your tattoo appointment, please shave the area where your are getting tattooed. Avoid using wax or any type of hair removal cream because it may cause irritation. Please avoid drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before your tattoo session.

Alcohol is anticoagulant which means you'll bleed more during the tattoo process and that complicates working on your skin.

On the day of your appointment please wear comfy clothes that you can adjust for the area you are getting tattooed. Preferably wear dark clothes so it doesn't get stained that easily.

Please eat well and drink a lot of water on the day of your tattoo session.

We recommend you to bring snacks and candies with you. It helps a lot to eat sweets because enduring the tattoo may take a lot of energy away from you.

The best options to take are gummies, chocolates, peanuts, energy bars... Whatever you like.

Please avoid having too much coffee before your appointment because it will make you anxious. You must be relaxed that day.

During the tattoo session. As we mentioned earlier you must be relaxed. Please bring with you headphones and download some entertainment on your cellphone, tablet or iPad.


It can be your favorite tv show, movie or games that don't require your hands to move a lot. We have free wifi at the shop.

The artist may wear headphones, please don't get offended. Some just concentrate better.

Companion. It is acceptable for you to bring someone along with you to your appointment, please only bring one person. We recommend that your companion also brings some entertainment since if they choose to be there for the duration of the appointment. We appreciate them to be quiet and relaxed, to help the shop to have a nice environment. #GoodVibesOnly

 It's important for your companion does not put pressure on you, sending you messages about how much longer is gonna take the artist to finish.

If you pressure the artist it may affect the final result of your tattoo.

Aftercare. When finishing your tattoo we will explain the aftercare process.

The most important is to keep it clean and hydrated.

We have aftercare available for purchase at the shop, the cost is between $150-$500 pesos. There is also a product available to keep the color of your tattoo brighter or bring an old tattoo to back to life, the cost for that product is $900 pesos. #BalmTattoo

Thanks for choosing us to do your tattoo. We are looking forward to working with you! :D

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